7 Old Fashion Rules You Can Ignore:

Life is full of rules – even, it seems, about how to dress well. Don’t do this… Never do that… Get out of there, it’s the woman’s section… Dig a little deeper though, and some of the supposedly unbreakable rules of dressing are not very smart at all. 

1. Don’t Wear Jeans With A Blazer

the mixing and matching of the essentially formal with the essentially informal became the dominant mindset of menswear. Tailoring got softer. Denim got crisper. Worlds blurred and merged. And the right jeans with the right blazer looked – and still look – perfectly fine, thanks very much.

2Your belt and shoes must be the same color

Makers of style rules have something of an obsession with matchiness – this must go with that, or else… Well? Or else what? Wearing the same colour belt as shoes may create a sense of completion in your attire, but it’s also a rather pedestrian way of dressing too. How about, instead, a more tonal approach, with the shade of one being complementary to the other, but not necessarily being the same. It is, after all, such points of difference that make any outfit interesting.

3. Ripped jeans

This year, opt for straight blue jeans with no rips. They’re more versatile. Wear them with a velour hoodie to walk around town, or dress them up with a blazer for a casual interview look.

4. Don’t wear joggers outside of the gym

Without athleisure, the world would be a lot less comfortable place. The cut of any joggers worn as part of an everyday look should be streamlined and come as close to tailored trousers as possible. Similarly, the colour should be neutral, and there should be minimal-to-no branding. What you wear with them is also important, so to create balance sub the lifestyle runners for a pair of minimal sneakers or even Derby shoes. 

5. Large Logos On Clothing

Clothing that displays brand logos is a smart marketing move for the company selling. You are not a walking billboard for a brand advertisement.

I'm not saying you should never buy designer clothing or have visible branding on your clothes. It is acceptable to purchase a polo shirt with a small Lacoste or Ralph Lauren logo on your left chest.

The key is to ensure the branding is minimal and almost invisible. It should never detract attention from the clothing item.

Keep it simple. There is no need for a fancy brand shirt with big logos

6. Skinny jeans

Tight jeans reinforced with spandex that hugs to your thighs and calves, is not an attractive sight. For most men, skinny jeans create an unattractive silhouette. 

Unless you're really thin, you'll probably end up looking like a lollipop in skin-tight jeans.

If you have to sit or lie down to slip on a pair of jeans, it's time to reconsider your trouser options. Buck the trend and say no to skinny jeans.

7. Deep V-neck 

Any top that shows off a little too much man-cleavage shows poor taste and results in the above mentioned public ridicule. There are much more practical shirts if you want to feel the wind on your chest. A normal V-neck or a Henley is a far better alternative.