A Little Something About us:

Rogic was built out of our own frustration of mediocrity. Cheap denims that will fade after a few wears, or jeans that were incredibly overpriced? It didn’t seem right that we have make these trade-offs. There had to be another option.

We have started Rogic to offer an alternative: ridiculously high-quality clothing at honest prices that can handle our functionality. Constructed to perfection and built for the long haul.

Products that Wear in and Not Out

We’ve always considered ourselves as a Denim company at our very core. Always have. Always will. We spared no lesson of Workmanship- from fit to Washing to the importance of rope-dyed yarn to why core-spun thread matters on a denim.

You can bet this technical DNA is central to every single product we make. Build for the long haul, design products that wear in and not out, and use the best made fabrics available- even if that making them yourself.

Few years later

It all started with a simple idea on a solo train trip to Amravati to make the best possible jeans and sell them at the best price possible. Three year later, Rogics are being worn in 20 states and nearly 7 countries. What started as a “self-funded” passion project has evolved into something truly special. It’s been a dream come true – and we’re just getting started.