Why we cannot make a jeans for Rs. 800?

A jeans for 800 bucks!

Who wouldn’t want that? We tried doing it & got compromised quality on 2 fronts: Fabric & Fitting. Also, some really angry customers 😡.


This is what goes making a jean or any garment?

  • Product development & design
  • Cost of fabric and materials
  • Stitching cost
  • Washing cost
  • Finishing cost
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • The brand markup
  • Forward shipment to consumer

Therefore, for a jean to cost less, every step from production to the consumer has to fit in Rs. 800. Now that’s like asking an entire family to sleep on one bed 😵


Damaged products. Fit issues because of shrinkage anomalies. Production costs. All this adds to the cost.

What does it take to make a low-cost product?

Compromise. To cut cost brands procure low grade fabrics, stitch with low grade threads, work with low-grade laundries & ignore quality control & testing.



Unaudited. Lack manufacturing standards. Unethical trade practices. Poor work environment. Sub-par wages. Low transparency in trade practices.

For humanity's sake! - who would want work with such factories at least we don’t. 🤮


Quality comes at a cost – as simple as that! You want to provide quality stuff you need to pay for it.

Zero Shrinkage. Anti- fade. Heavily washed for a worn-in look. Sturdy. Long-lasting. 100% cotton. 13oz. Low maintenance brass Shank. etc. Who says this? What’s the authenticity?

The factory’s word is worthless. Claims need to be tested & approved by professional Quality Control organizations. To achieve high quality standards, we work with Testtex laboratories, an Indian multinational assurance, inspection, product testing and certification company headquartered in Mumbai, India - these guys are good 👌🏻

Now you are getting our drift. Aren’t you? Wait till you read the next part.

Here’s what the price of Rogic item gets you


We invest in top fabrics from premium Indian mills. Arvind, Raymond, LNJ group are some examples.


We research categories, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, filter them through our values, to create subtly innovative and elevated product. With every launch you can expect a better product.


With modern manufacturing methods, our inventory is very optimized, and because of multi-channel sales of offline and online, it ensures every single piece is sold.

The resulting price might not be as low as fast fashion or 800 rupees jean, but that’s just what it costs to produce in the way we do. And we are working on continuously improving our supply chain to make products more affordable.

Can you call us expensive?

Absolutely not! We’re still way more reasonable for the quality that is provided.

Probably you should change the way you shop - in ways which you can have a minimal collection & still look great.

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